Priority One Heating & Air Conditioning is a full service company specializing in heating and cooling services for residential and commercial clients. Should your heater system, air conditioner or water heater fail, we can help!

We offer a unique service that is rare when it comes to fixing the immediate problem of your system, our technicians will at no additional charge evaluate the whole system, because it saves you money and we want to help prevent problems in the near future. We charge a flat rate for our entire service, so the client knows ahead of time exactly how much the repairs will cost.

Our company prides itself on only hiring the best service technicians, although it may sound cruel, we most often turn down 96% of applicants for technician jobs and keep only the cream of the crop. This ensures that the job gets done right. If not, you don’t pay. All our work is guaranteed, with a 10 year parts and service warranty (parts and labor).

Priority One Heating & Air-Conditioning also specializes in the installation of new systems and we have the largest selection in the area. For example, we can install new Carrier heat pumps. Everybody looking for Heat Pumps Eugene Oregon knows to come to us.

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Cleaning and servicing new systems, as well as installing new heating and air conditioning systems, can help to reduce energy costs. That helps our customers economically and is good for the environment too.

We understand that heating cooling systems breakdowns often come unexpectedly, so we help our customers out by offering up to 100% financing on new units if needed.

There are real economic and environmental advantages to installing heat pumps Eugene Oregon, so we do our best to make it affordable for all our clients. We also make sure that the size of the systems is just right to heat and cool your home or office.