Comfort, Efficiency, Reliability. You can have a system that provides it all. A properly designed and installed duct system, can transfer the heat throughout your home to provide the comfort that you and your family desire. An energy efficient heating system starts with Energy Star products that can be installed by our top performing installation technicians. No matter what model you may choose, we will always guarantee the system and provide the most reliable equipment and service.

What are Heat Pumps?

Heat pumps are used for changing the outdoor air temperature and distributing warm air throughout an indoor environment with very little energy.

A heat pump has the capability to transfer heat from outside (even when it is cold outside) and distributes that heat throughout your home. A heat pump is able to transfer heat very economically and when it is hot outside, the same heat pump will run on air conditioning mode in order to keep your home cool. Priority One has many heat pump options for your home or office, it is all about finding the right fit for your individual situation.

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My daughter tells us that the Priority One ductless heat pump system we had installed in her house is the best present we have ever given her; and we have spoiled her rotten. Priority One provided excellent customer service, professionalism, and expertise.

– Joe L

While generating heat is relatively easy, having an efficient source of heat and an effective system to distribute the air is a key component to heating your home in a cost effective and clean way. Priority One can help you spend less on heating your home as well as helping to keep the indoor air you breathe clean.