Comfort, Efficiency, Reliability. You can have a system that provides it all. A properly designed and installed duct system, can transfer the heat through your home to provide the comfort that you and your family desire. An energy efficient heating system starts with Energy Star products that Priority One can install with our top performing installation technicians. No matter what model you may choose, we will always guarantee the system and provide the most reliable equipment and service.

What are Heat Pumps?

Heat pumps are used for changing  the outdoor air temperature and distributing warm air throughout an indoor environment with very little energy.

Burners are often located on the ground floor or basement of a residence or commercial space and generate heat that is sent throughout the heater. Older and less sophisticated heating systems relied on the power of an open flame to generate heat, but modern heating systems depend on fans to generate the required draft. Once, the burner is running efficiently, combining air and fuel for optimal use of energy, the heat exchanger is activated. Air runs over the heat exchanger and then is distributed throughout the space.

While generating heat is relatively easy, directing heat throughout a residence or commercial space and ensuring that energy is not wasted is a challenge. A well-insulated building with windows that are protected will handle heat more efficiently than a building with poor insulation and unsealed windows. Wasted energy is both bad for the environment and expensive so investing in proper insulation for your home or workplace can have enormous returns in the future. Americans spend between 30-45% of their energy attempting to heat their homes.