Need a new air conditioner? We can install a new efficient system to replace your old system, or we can add a new system to the unit that you have now. A free in home evaluation date can be set up to design a new system in your home. Ductless air conditioners are a great option when no ducting is available. This is a cost effective approach to make your home more comfortable.

What is an Air Conditioner?

All air conditioners contain refrigerators, devices that absorb heat from evaporating liquids and allow the remaining cool air to be released. Hot air is expelled to the outside through an intricate system of filters and cool air is delivered to the room through a complex system of condensers, fans, and coils.

Air conditioning units contain components that must remain outside and components that are securely located within a particular space. The components that remain outside funnel hot air out. In large buildings, such components are found on the roof, while in apartment buildings, they hang out the window.

Having an air conditioner in your work place or residence can be a costly and environmentally hazardous endeavor. Air conditioners produce water, which may leave mold, excessive humidity in the air, or attract bacteria if not properly installed or maintained. Air conditioners require a great deal of energy to operate and, during peak hours, can be very inefficient.


Each air conditioning solution must be considered carefully. The size of a space, the needs of the individuals in the work place or residence, outdoor pollution and debris, and financial considerations are all factors to consider when finding an air conditioning system suitable for your space.


Hot and uncomfortable? We can fix that!

Service on your existing air conditioner is only a phone call away.  Our hours are 7am-7pm Monday-Saturday. We are also always available 24 hours a day with an on-call technician.